About Me


I love nail polishes and nail art and colors are my passion :-) I love colors of all kinds and I'm trying to live a colorful life !!! 

I also love:

Makeup – I just can't resist all the colors :-)

Fragrances - a nice scent can take you far….I love perfumes, soaps (especially those hand made soaps) and lotions.

Writing – another one of my passions. I love words, I love to talk, I love to write, I love everything about languages !

Music – I love to hear music, music can totally change my mood !I also play the piano since I was 6 years old and somewhere around age fifteen I played the guitar too :-)

Animals – I have 2 cats and I love them like they were my daughters, they are the sweetest !

Books – LOVE reading, I can read everything, even the cereal boxes :-)

Interior design – I love houses, I love all those renovations TV shows and I love to dream about my future perfectly designed home.

Gifts – well, who doesn't ? But I also love to make gifts and to wrap gifts (oh yes, I love paper wraps, bows etc..lol)

Candles – especially those scented ones…..

Good people and smiles !

I write my blog in Hebrew and in English - Please feel free to contact me and ask questions if you have any: tuli321@gmail.com.