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Welcome to Tuli's Polish Market !

Here you can exchange polishes, used or new, and replace your polish in a different colorful one, initiate as many swaps as you like and get to know girls from around the world !

This page is divided into two parts:

Right below, you'll find a form.
In the form you must fill out the following fields:

User - each user name you choose for yourself freely.

Country - each will fill here the country where she is located.

I would like to swap - here you can write the polishes names you want to exchange. You can write here several names or numbers in a row, but only if they are from the same brand.

Brand – here you write the brand's name of the polishes you want to exchange. If you are interested in exchanging polishes of several different brands, you have to open a separate form for each brand.

International - Are you ready to exchange with girls from different countries, or are you ready to exchange only with girls in your country. Yes appears as the default option. If you're not interested in international exchange, please check No.

eMail - email address through which you want to be contacted.

Comments - If you have comments about your item, or comments about the swap you want to do or any other relevant information, you are invited to write it here.

After you finish filling out the form, the information will be updated (in the next few minutes) in the table and will be available to everyone, and….there you go ! You're a part of the polish market J.

There is a table in the bottom, which displays all the items added to the market. In the table you will see the following columns: date, user name, country, replacement items, brand, international or not, email address and comments.
To add a new entry, please fill out the form located at the top of the page (detailed explanation above).

In the head of the table there's an option to filter by each topic, so it would be more convenient to find what you're looking for.
Using the table, you could contact each other by email and start organizing your swap!

In order the polish market to be conducted in an orderly way, here are some rules I would like you to keep:

1.   Everyone has to fill the username and email address, these are required fields.

2.   If you have some polishes of the same brand, you can write their names in the same form.

3.   Each brand need to be filled in a separate entry. If you have polishes of different brands, you have to fill a separate form. I would like to do it that way, because of the filter option - the system can not do separation if some brands are written in the same field and that affects the filter option. In order to keep the search option effective, so you can easily find the polishes you're looking for, please write every brand in a separate form.

4.   Please, do not write too long messages in the "I want to swap" or "Comments" fields - in order to maintain form proportional to the table. (until I'll find a way to resolve this issue)

In addition, if you don't have polishes you'd like to exchange, and still want to exchange packages of new polishes - no problem! Leave the "Brand" column empty and in the "I would like to swap" column, just write - I want to swap – if you'll see such a message, you will know that the user wants to do a swap "from scratch", with new polishes.

To avoid any doubts, I want to inform that I will not be responsible for the exchange's details or the contact between the swappers or any other matter related to the independent packages exchange between the readers.

I really hope you enjoy this new place I created for us and that it will be productive, active and colorful!

If you have ideas, suggestions for optimizing, questions, requests or anything else - please do not hesitate contacting me, I'd love to hear your thoughts -  tuli321@gmail.com