Feb 9, 2010

Giveaways updates


A few more days to Valentine's Day and I wanted to remind you my Romantic Giveaway. I made a romantic red package for the winner, which includes:

1. I Love You gift box.

2. 4 OPI polishes - Comet Loves Cupid, Meet & Jingle, Crimson Carol and Log On To Love

3. Pomegranate Shower Gel (full size).

4. Pomegranate Peeling Soap (full size).

5. Heart designed nail file.

6. 2 "Careline" glitter Lip Glosses.

7. Heart shaped Belgian Chocolates.

8. I Love You candy.

9. Some more goodies….:-)

This giveaway is international and it's open to all of my followers from all over the world, so you are welcome to join !

You can find all the other details about my giveaway - here.

And here are some more awesome giveaways you can all take part in - look at these great prizes !

Painted Lady Fingers is having a giveaway and you can win the whole Color Club Rebel Debutante Collection - Click here.

Naive Nails is having her 300 Followers Giveaway and you can win 4 polishes from the new Miliani Holo collection - Click here.

CucumPear is having the End of Semester Giveaway and she is giving away 2 (!!) great prizes with lots of good things - Click here.

Evil Angel is having her 300+ Follower Giveaway and she arranged this awesome prize for us - Click here.

Daily Polish is having a 100 Followers: Go big or go home Giveaway and she's giving us a chance to win 10 gorgeous polishes - Click here.

Nails Etc is having her 50+ Followers giveaway and you can win 5 beautiful British polishes - the giveaway is ending tomorrow so hurry up - Click here.

This is so fun ! I love giveaways :-))))))))))


London's-beauty said...

aww you're so sweet!! :)

Brooke said...

wow, lots of giveaways!!

I'm excited about yours - can't wait!

Larissa said...

Hi, okay?
I'm from Brazil and would like to exchange with you glaze
If you intereça send me an e-mail: tuffy_lu@yahoo.com.br
I'd love to (: kisses

Tuli said...

London's-beauty - How sweet of you, Thank you so much :-)))

Brooke - Thank you ! And I'm excited about your fabulous giveaway too :-)))

Larissa - Thank you for writing me :-) I'll send you an email !

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