Nov 28, 2013

GA-DE CRYSTALLIC Matte Collection


The cosmetic brand GA-DE came out recently with a new collection called Crystallic Matte Nail Color.
The formula of the nail polishes in this collection contains micro particles which creates a 3D effect with a unique texture that reminds sugar. 

We already saw similar collections with this sugar/sand texture, like Sally Hansen Sugar Coat, OPI Mariah with the Liquid Sand finish, China Glaze Texture collection and more, so when I received the polishes from this collection I was very curious to see GA-DE's interpretation to this trend.

The Crystallic collection contains 6 different shades and I have 3 of them to show, so let's start:

L to R:

Coral Sugar
Gold Sugar
Blue Sugar

Coral Sugar – a coral pink with beautiful gold glitters. This shade of pink is tricky and although it seems "innocence" in the bottle, it came out pretty "bold" on my nails (yes, of course I liked it J). I wish the gold glitters were more visible in regular lighting, but still, it's a beautiful shade of pink.

 GA-DE - Coral Sugar

Gold Sugar – Well, this one has the Wow factor for me. You all know I'm not a big fan of gold but I definitely going to use this one again and not just for swatches. Gold Sugar is gold with tons of silver chunks and it's the only one out of the bunch with big chunks of glitters. I think surprisingly it was my favorite out of the three, maybe because it's really special…

 GA-DE - Gold Sugar

Blue Sugar – The names in this collection are a big shock, ha? Well…..Blue Sugar is a medium blue with tiny silver glitters. It's a beautiful shade of blue and you can see it sparkles on your nails very nicely. I wish it had also some gold or pink glitters inside, I think it could be more special this way, but I also like it as it is.

 GA-DE - Blue Sugar

As for the formula of this collection, it's very pigmented and on the thick side so it works great and now you'll hear me saying something I've NEVER EVER said on this blog before – as far as Coral Sugar and Gold Sugar – DO NOT apply more than one coat. Yes. You heard me right – the three of them are opaque at one coat so you don't need the second one, but while Blue Sugar is also good in two coats, the other two looks their best in one coat. When I applied the second coat it looked bumpier and the sugar texture was ruined a little, so yes, I recommend you don't apply more than one coat.
Overall, I think GA-DE pretty much nailed it in this collection - texture, glitters, one coat - can we ask for more? Maybe just for some more colors....

And – for those of you who read my Facebook Page, you probably saw me talking a lot about some new packages I received lately (one I already showed you in the last post), and one of my favorite things lately, is amazing glitters stickers which arrived in one of the packages, so I made a quick mani to show you – what do you think?

Well, that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed it and Happy Black Friday to you all J Are you planning any special purchases?

The products in this post were sent to me for a review by the pr company *

Nov 21, 2013

A package from Bundle Monster


Hey, how are you all?

You already know that I LOVE packages and I just can't hide the joy when I get that little note calling me to the post office to collect a new package, even after receiving tons of packages J

So today, I want to share with you a great package – My first order from BundleMonster.

Let me start by telling you – Boy, they are fast!! I received the package about a week after ordering I think, and I wasn't expecting it at all when I received that little note on the mail calling me to pick up a package…

The ordering process on their website was clear and easy and they have soooo much interesting things that it took me hours to decide what I want to order…LOL

The main thing I knew I want to try was their image plates, so I chose the full set of  2013 "Create Your Own" Collection which includes nail plates – I haven't had the chance to try them yet, but I promise you a detailed post about the plates with my review, swatches and all the images soon.

 BM image plates

In addition, I ordered a nail art brushes kit set and nail art stamping plates storage case organizer and also some nail art decoration tape sticker strips:

The prices of everything were also very fair in my opinion; here are my order's details:

Nail Art Decoration Tape Sticker Strips Wheel+Bead Chains Set

s $8.50
2013 "Create Your Own" Collection FULL SET - 26 Nail Plates

s $16.50
20pc Nail Art Design Painting Dotting Pen Brushes Tool Kit Set

s $14.99
Nail Art Stamping Plates Storage Case Organizer - Bubble Gum Pink

s $15.99

All the goodies together

Well, I sure have a lot to play with now and I can't wait to try everything in this package, what do you girls say? Do you have any experience with BM that you want to share with me?


Oct 31, 2013

All the way from Germany - P2 polishes!


Today we're heading to Germany….

A while ago, I received some nail polishes from Germany and I haven't had the chance to show them to you yet. I got 3 P2 nail polishes and 3 Essence polishes and we'll start with the P2 nail polishes.

Let me start by saying that they are all very easy to apply, a bit runny, but still works great.

From L to R:

P2 996 Before Sunrise – Wow, this one captured my eye immediately. It's kind of a reddish bronze with a beautiful duochrome effect. It has a gold shimmer that makes it special and it looks gorgeous in sun light. I took some inside and outdoor pictures so you can see the different, but I have to admit that I couldn't catch its full beauty, so sorry for that.

P2 100 Open your heart – O.K, now this one is for you, my red addict friends J It's a crème red with a pinch of pink and I think it can easily enter to "the most successful red polishes" list. I, personally, am not a big fan of red polishes, but if I'm in the muse, this shade of red is definitely my favorite.

P2 990 Free to be – I'm not sure how to describe it, but I think that green with a silver shimmer would be a good start. The silver shimmer is much more shown in the bottle than it is on the nails, but it's still one of those shades I can't resist. 

L to R:

P2 996 Before Sunrise
P2 990 Free to be 
P2 100 Open your heart

I love the bottles of these ones and as I wrote, they are very easy to apply and also dry pretty fast.
I'm sorry I don't have full swatches to show you yet, it's because I'm still growing my nails to a decent length for swatching and also because I didn't have enough time this week.

Also, I was in the mood for some experiences with my lace stickers, and here are the results – What do you think? I was really pleased with the results of the green one and I'm not so sure about the others… 

Have a great weekend you all!!!

Oct 11, 2013

Nail art for the weekend!


I love weekends! Weekends allow me to spend precious time with my family and also time to catch some sleep here and there. Now that we have a little baby, weekends are not the same, and I guess many of you moms can understand me J 
But this weekend, I felt like I need some time alone with my colors – yes, not kid's crayons, but my polishes and nail art. I was in the mood for some stars and flowers, and I couldn't decide what mani to do, so I created some options on the nail wheel - Here they are…

I used Misa – Sorry just can't help it (purple), Icing Mood Swing – Passionate/Shy (turquoise) and Chic no. 25 (yellow)

So….what do you think? Do you like them? Do you have any favorite out the bunch?

I wish you all a great weekend! Have fun, hug your family and smile a lot J

Oct 7, 2013

Back to business!! (The full story)


Hi ladies,

Wooowww, it's been over a year….I just can't believe it! I'm sooo excited to write here again…a new post…wow!

Ok, ok, so FIRST – I won't keep you waiting and I think it's about time to tell you the reason WHY I haven't been around in the past year…well, in fact, why tell when I can SHOW you, right?

So…I'm very thrilled to present you the reason for my absence:

Yes, you got it right J

I was pregnant when I stopped posting, and the last months of the pregnancy were difficult for me and I had to be hospitalized a couple of times until…I gave birth of my first baby J

It's been a long and short year all together, I learned a lot about myself, my hubby and the world….we had, like all others, ups and downs, we laughed, we cried, we were tired, we were excited and we are still learning a new thing every day.
I chose to be focused on my new baby and there were a lot of times that I missed blogging so much, but was afraid that I have nothing interesting to show you beside diapers and toys…LOL

And now, I'm proud to tell you that I successfully crossed the first year and I feel much more balanced and ready to move on and post again, but now as a mom also, so I hope you're ready to some more stories beside beauty….:-)
It won't be a real celebration without a cake, right? So here's the cake I made for 1st Birthday: