Jun 1, 2010

Essence "Return to Paradise" !


I'm happy to bring you these news from Essence - This collection looks absolutely stunning and I love the idea behind it !!!

essence trend edition “return to paradise”

Exotic plants in their most splendid colours, the thundering roar of the ocean and endless white beaches lined with palm trees swaying in the soft sea breeze – true paradise! With the new trend edition “return to paradise”, essence whisks you away to the fabulous world of tropical flowers, vast beaches and exotic lagoons in July and August 2010. Beautiful products with elaborate designs and in the most gorgeous colours of the season accentuate your eyes, lips, face and nails to conjure-up summery looks worthy of paradise!

essence return to paradise trio baked eyeshadow
Triple exotic: The trio baked eyeshadow offers triple delight thanks to its silky and long-lasting texture. With three perfectly aligned seasonal colours, you can create an irresistible summer style. Available in the colour combinations: 01 cockatoo and 02 palm tree party.

essence return to paradise eyeliner pen
Stylish, practical and totally summery! The eyeliner pen gives your eye make-up a seductive touch of paradise to make your eyes shine as bright as the glittering sea. It is super-easy to apply thanks to the thin felt tip. Available in three summer colours: 01 jungle drum, 02 back to paradise and 03 my little orchid.

essence return to paradise lipgloss
As beautiful as paradise: The light and creamy lipglosses come in three gorgeous fruity colours to give your summer style an exotic touch. The warm shades look especially seductive with tanned skin. Available in the tropical colours: 01 fruit punch, 02 jungle drum and 03 my little orchid.

essence return to paradise shimmer powder
Every true island beauty needs this enchanting shimmering powder. The light texture gives your skin a beautiful glow and a summery fresh look. And the paradise design of the box will inspire beautiful daydreams even before you apply the wonderful powder. Available in the shade: 01 the famous flamingo.

essence return to paradise nail polish
As fascinating and mysterious as paradise itself: with these beautiful and colour-intensive nail polishes, you can create an eye-catching South Sea look on your nails in an instant! Available in five exotic colours: 01 jungle drum, 02 my little orchid, 03 back to paradise, 04 fruit punch and
05 sun downer.

essence return to paradise oil control paper
For the perfect return to paradise: The oil control paper in a practical pocket format is absolutely essential for a relaxing day at the beach. It removes excess shine and gives you a long-lasting matte complexion. So you can lean back and enjoy the summer… .

essence “return to paradise” will be available in stores in July and August 2010.


Ayuu said...

I'll wait to see the whole collection to have an advice, 'cause I don't like orange polishes ^^ But the green one looks pretty !

Jackie S. said...

essence has the best "themed" releases, so cute!

Velvet said...

Hi Tuli, I love the look of this collection. I've been on a make up buying kick lately,(sigh)....lol! So I'll have to look this brand up on the internet.

Tuli said...

ayuu - I wish I could show you the swatches too.....I guess we'll just have to wait and see :-)

jackie s. - I think this is such a great theme ! It really made me smile :-)

Velvet - Me too ! I also bought lots of makeup lately and I started my makeup collection from scratch !

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