Dec 16, 2010

The Complete Nail Guide - Part 2


Today I want to talk with you about shaping the nails – this is the first step and before all the other treatments, I always start with that. The reason: no matter what polishes you use, it would never look good if your nails are not shaped. Really, I checked this….hahaha

The shaping stage has 2 parts

  • Shaping
  • Buffing

My nails in the short version

Lets start with the first one – shaping your nails – there are many optional shapes : rounded, square, square with round edges, pointed etc. every once in a while we hear about new trends, telling us what is beautiful and what's not and I say – cut the #@$ and shape your nails in what shape you want and that you think is the most suitable for your nails, your nail bed and the most important – to your personality. Don't forget, that nails grow pretty fast and you can change it from time to time so it doesn't need to be a crucial decision.

The important part is to shape all of your nails in the same shape, so you won't find yourself with one rounded nail and one square nail – it won't look good. And if you insist, here's a tip – your nail bed will tell you what the best shape for your nails is, so if you're not sure what shape would look good on you, just look at your cuticle and you'll find the answer there.

Personally, I always play with the square and the square with the rounded edges, because there I feel most comfortable.

My nails in the medium version

About the length issue, this is also my chance to say – there is no one length which is "trendy", as long as your nails are healthy and shaped, you can decide what length you like the most on yourselves. You can play with the length and suit it to the look that you want and to your lifestyle (work, cleaning, etc.). After you've decided on a length, try to keep all of your nails in the same length, this will give you the best look. But since I know many of you run into this question, let me tell you my secret – not every time that my nail breaks, I run and shorten all of my nails. My nails are very delicate and they tend to break from time to time, and it really makes me sad to make them all short because of one nail, so I just don't…if I break a few nails, so I have no choice but to make all of my nails shorter, and I have to admit - that breaks my heart J

My nails in the long version

I told you I don't make them all short when one nail breaks...-)

So, since this part have turned to be too long, I'll leave the practical explanation about the shaping itself to next time and until then….bye bye


הרמוני רוט שבתאי, מאפרת יצירתית said...

פוסט מקסים. אני אישית מתחברת אך ורק לצורה העגולה ואני מוצאת שהציפורניים שלי פחות נשברות כאשר הן עגולות, אבל כמו שאמרת ובמידה רבה בדיוק כמו סגנון איפור- לפני הכל צורת הציפורן היא קטע של אישיות יותר מכל דבר אחר.
תמונות מהממות ואני ממש אוהבת את הלקים הכחולים שלך.

Tuli said...

הרמוני - תודה רבה ! והלקים הכחולים ששמתי הם באמת מהאהובים עליי :h:

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