Mar 29, 2011

Back in English !!!


Hey ladies,

I know I haven't written here in English for a while and I'm sorry for that (I feel so rusty so please forgive me if I'll have some mistakes). I'm having a busy time and I needed to write some reviews in Hebrew, so I haven't had the time to translate all. I'm so sorry if you came by to visit and haven't found the translation you were used to L

But – Here comes to happy part – I'm back J

I have lots of things to show you and some giveaways are waiting for you and I can't wait to show you all !!! ( I just want to "warn" you that there will be a few more reviews just in Hebrew, and if you'll be interested in those products, please feel free to ask questions or to ask me to translate it for you ). Beside that, this blog will be again in both English and Hebrew.

I want to take this post to thank all of you who wrote me emails and asked about it, you know I read them all and I so appreciate it, so thank you !

Also, this is my chance to tell you all how much I missed you (a lot!) and I'm so excited to "be" with you again and I hope you are all doing well ! So tell me, what's new in your life ? Have you bought / discovered some new things lately ?

I'm adding you a picture of the last polish that I wore, the pictures is not from now but the color remained the same J

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KONADomania said...

welcome back in English:* :)

Tuli said...

konadomania - Thank you so much sweetie ! You're sure one of the ladies I especially missed :d:

Manicure Time said...

Good you're back! :h:

Tuli said...

manicure time - And so good to see you too, thank you darling :d:

chocaddict said...

very happy to see you "back" dearie :h:

design a nail said...

Welcom back. Nice to see you again)

Tuli said...

chocaddict - And I'm happy to see you here too !!! Missed you a lot :d:

design a nail - Thank you so much ! It's so good to be back and see you all :d:

. said...


Anonymous said...

Nice to visit you here you dear Tuli. I am wearing the nice socks you sent me, and thought about you. we just start to have a bad cold winter over here. I have been busy doing some other things in my life, but I will be back one of this days, hope everything is ok for you, xoxo Arie (OH) :)

carmen perez said...

Muchas gracias por el post.

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