Jun 3, 2009

And the chosen polish is......


China Glaze - Ruby Pumps !!

זה הצבע שבחרתם עבורי למסיבה וזה הצבע שיככב מחר על הציפורניים שלי !
תודה לכולכן שהצבעתן ועזרתן לי לבחור ואני מבטיחה תמונות איתו בקרוב :-)

This is the color that you've chose for me to the party and this is the color that will rock tomorow on my nails !

Thank you all for voting and helping me to choose and I promise pictures with it soon :-)


Velvet said...

Cool! I have RubyPumps. That's a gorgeous color to wear to your Birthday party!!! Have fun!!

Nixxy said...

Happy Bday again, Tuli! Have fun! :)

Alexlyndra said...

Ruby Pumps is a kick-*ss colour! Good choice! :D

tuli said...

Velvet - Isn't it gorgeous ? I wore it at the first time to the party and I loved it !! And thank you :-)

Nixxy - Thank you so much ! I did :-)

Alexlyndra - LOL....Thanks :-)

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