Jun 15, 2009

Every lawyer needs Black and White :-)


הפוסט היום מוקדש לחברה יקרה, שברוב כבוד והדר, תיקח היום חלק בטקס ההסמכה של לשכת עורכי הדין !
כן, היום יתקיים בירושלים טקס ההסמכה לעורכי הדין החדשים המצטרפים ללשכה, ואחרי שעברה את המבחנים המייגעים, היא תיכנס בראש מורם ובליווי הפמליה לבנייני האומה ותקבל רשמית את התואר "עורכת דין בישראל" :-)

אז יקירתי – אני גאה בך מאוד ומאחלת לך המון מזל טוב !!! ואיך אפשר בלי קצת לקים לכבוד המאורע החגיגי.....חחחחח

הנה שני נסיונות שעשיתי במיוחד בשבילך – אמנם לא הצליח לצאת כ"כ מדויק, אבל זאת הכוונה שנחשבת נכון ? :-)

ועל הדרך, שתי המסקנות שלי:

1. אימון מביא לשלמות – אני כבר רואה שיפור אצלי, אבל הדרך עוד ארוכה, ואני מתכוונת להמשיך ולנסות ולשפר את הביצועים שלי בכל מה שנוגע לקישוטי ציפורניים.

2. אני חייבת לק לבן נורמלי – היה פשוט זוועה לעבוד עם זה שהיה לי !!!

אה, ואם אנחנו כבר בענייני עורכי דין, אתן מוזמנות להיכנס לבלוג של Nixxy ולראות מישהו בעצמכן:http://nixxysnails.blogspot.com/

Today I'm dedicating my post to a dear friend, who is going to take part this evening in the Bar Admission Ceremony for new lawyers, which will take place in Jerusalem !

After passing successfully the exhausting bar exams , she will enter with her head held high and with her family by her side, and officially gets the title " A lawyer in Israel" :-)

So darling – I'm very proud of you and wish you all the best !! And how can we do without some nail polish for this festive occasion ?….lol

So here are two attempts I did especially for you – It didn't turned out accurate, but it is the intention that counts, isn't it ?

And my two conclusions for today :

1. Practice brings perfection – I can already see an improvement in my nail art, but I still have a long way and I intend to keep practicing and improving my nail art.

2. I just have to get a decent white polish – It was absolutely horrible to work with this one (just an old unfamiliar nail polish) !!!

Oh, and if we're talking about lawyers, you can visit Nixxy's blog and see yourselves how Israeli's lawyers looks like….lol - http://nixxysnails.blogspot.com/

And Nixxy - this picture is for you :-)


Angie said...

Wow, that's so pretty! I love minimalistic nail art! :D

Vanessa said...

This is stunning!! I think you did a great job, you nail art skills rocks!!

Mary said...

You are so very talented! That looks fantastic and congratulations to your friend :)

Nixxy said...

Haha! I wonder if we could have a polish conference there? Congrats to your friend, and the nails are super cute!

Velvet said...

Lovely! Beautiful! Looks perfect to me. Congratulations to your friend.

Alexlyndra said...

What a cool idea, and a nice tribute! It looks reallt good!

Jamie D. said...

I love those designs - beautiful!

It really is so hard to find the perfect white polish. Best of luck!

kittyluvscolor said...

Love the nail art! And Congrats to you friend!

Olivia C. said...

Congrats to your friend! Love the nails!! :)

Lucy said...

Congrats to your friend. She deserves all good things after such hard work. I also love that lawyer Tuli! I need him to come on his day off to do some painting in my apartment!Nice job on your nails. I really like it. You are really improving and I look forward to more art nails.

Nail Fanatic said...

Congrats to Nixxy! I love those designs, especially the second one it reminds me of a tuxedo haha :)

Nitzan said...

I'm so proud to be that friend! :)

Thank you my dear , I was so excited to read your post and that you dedicated it all for me!

Now it's official - I am a lawyer!

you manicure is great- really fits to the enviorment :) [pinguine style]

love you very much!


Kae said...

Grats to your friend! Love both of those designs, great job :)

Brooke said...

very very nice! I think you are doing really well in your nail art attempts. It really does just take a little practice and you start to improve right before you eyes!

Tuli said...

Angie - Thank you :-)

Vanessa - That was so nice of you - thank ! I'm trying to improve myself in the nail art part :-)

Mary - Thank you so much - that was really nice to hear :-)

Nixxy - I think we can arrange kind of polish conference here...lol....so that means you're coming to visit ? :-)

Velvet - You're always so kind to me...lol...I think that it is far away from being perfect, but I plan to keep practice and enjoy the way...:-)

Alexlyndra - Thank you so much ! It is a big honor to hear that from you :-)

Jamie D. - Thank you ! And you're right about the perfect white - I already got an idea for one of China Glaze, but we'll see....:-)

Kittyluvscolor - Thank you !! :-)

Olivia C. - Thank you ! :-)

Lucy - You made me laugh...lol.....I'll see what I can arrange for you :-)...LOL

Nail Fanatic - That was exactly my intention - try something that would look like a tox...lol

Nitzan - Congratulations dear !! I'm glad you love it :-)

Kae - Thank you so much !!

Brooke - Thanks and I agree with that practicing part :-)

:a: :b: :c: :d: :e: :f: :g: :h: :i: :j: :k: :l: :m: :n:

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