Jul 6, 2009

The Adorable Blog Award !


תראו מה עוד קיבלתי מאיליין !!

איליין (מ-http://lacquerlaine.blogspot.com/ ) כללה אותי ברשימת הבלוגים הנבחרים שלה והעניקה לי את הפרס הזה ! איזה כיף !!

ועכשיו אני צריכה להכריז על המועדפים שלי, אז כל הפרטים במרוכז למטה באנגלית, למי שמעוניינת.

ובנוסף, קיבלתי גם את כרטיס החברות היוקרתי למועדון הגברים של Nixxy מ- http://nixxysnails.blogspot.com/ - צירפתי אותו בצד ימין ואתן מוזמנות להציץ בו :-)
והנה הפרס שלי:

Look what I got !!!

I got this award from Elaine at http://lacquerlaine.blogspot.com/ and I'm so happy !
This is so fun :-) Thank you Elaine !!!

The Adorable Blog Award rules are as follows:

--Include the logo in your blog or post

--Nominate as many blogs which you like

--Be sure to link your nominees within your post

--Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog

--Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received this award.

Here are my nominees:











Also, I got this exclusive membership card to Nixxy International Beefcake Patrol club (you can see it on the right side) – Nixxy has a great blog - http://nixxysnails.blogspot.com/, and in addition to many nail polishes, you can see there also some gorgeous men :-) So thank you Nixxy !!

Have a great day you all !!!


Nixxy said...

Aw, thanks Tuli :D
I must get around to doing my Adorable Blog thing - I've totally dropped the ball on it since Brooke handed em out...

Charming nails: said...

Thank you very much tuli :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you,Tuli so kind of you! :)

Velvet said...

Thank you sooo much! I was so surprised when I checked my blog today. And saw that I got an award. How kind and sweet of you!

Tuli said...

Nixxy - So go ahead and do it ! LOL :-) And you're welcome :-)

Charming nails - You are very welcome :-)

neglelakkmani - You are very welcome :-)

Velvet - You're welcome darlying !

Lucy said...

Congrats Tuli! I see you have Nixxys award, way to go Tuli!

tuli said...

Thank you so much Lucy !! You are the sweatest :-)

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