Jul 7, 2009

And the winner is....Misa - Toxic Seduction !!!


בסקר שעשיתי בשבועות האחרונים אתן בחרתן את Misa –Toxic Seduction כלק הבא שברצונכן לראות, אז מי אני שאגיד
לכן לא ? :-)

אז הנה הוא לפניכן – הלק הזה הוא מקולקציית Poisoned Passion collection של מיסה (Fall 2008) והוא בצבע ירוק כהה, כהה מאוד. לא מאלה שנראים כמו שחור, אבל עדיין ירוק כהה מאוד. הגוון שלו מדהים והוא מלאאאאא בנצנצים קטנים ומהממים שהופכים אותו לעשיר במיוחד !!

המריחה שלו מצויינת, הוא נמרח בקלות ומתייבש די מהר. אני מרחתי 3 שכבות, ובתמונות אתן רואות אותו בלי שכבה של מייבש מעל – תראו כמה שהוא מבריק ! הגימור שלו פשוט מקסים !!

אז קבלו את בחירת הקהל להפעם:

Misa –Toxic Seduction

In the last weeks, I had published a poll and you chose Misa Toxic Seduction as the next polish you'd like to see – so ….you chose it – you got it !! :-)

This one is from Misa Fall 2008 Poisoned Passion collection, and it is a dark green, very dark. Not one of those who seems like black, but still, a very dark green. It has a stunning green shade and it's loaded with gorgeous tiny glitter that makes it very rich !!

The application here is great – very easy and dry pretty fast. I applied 3 coats and you can see it without a topcoat at the pictures – look how shiny it is ! I just love its finish !!

I think that was a great choice ! What do you think about this one ? Did you like it as much as I did ?


Nailz-In-Aus said...

hi tuliiiiiiiii how are you??? i miss u, go on msn hehehe i love this colour and your nails are looking amazing =D
tc hun mwaaaaah

Kae said...

What a gorgeous green, I don't own any Misas but I'm thinking I should! :D

Velvet said...

It is great! I don't know why, I haven't bought this polish yet. Looks gorgeous on your nails.

Céline said...

This color is so gorgeous, I love it on every nails I see, but not on me :(

Mary said...

I love this one, it's one I have and a favorite. But I'm serious, it looks way better on you! Your nails look fantastic :) I've always been very impressed with Misa's formula.

Angie said...

That's really pretty, the glitter makes it all the more special!

Also, I nominated you for an award.

Nailz-In-Aus said...

hey hun
check out my blog
for your blog award =D

Alexlyndra said...

Oh wow, it's so pretty!

Nail Fanatic said...

Toxic seduction, what a great color :)

Thanks for the adorable blog award :D

Charming nails said...

Oh my god, it is so beautiful color :)

tuli said...

Nails-In-Aus - How ya doing ? lol...Thank you so much ! And thank you also for the award - I appreciate it a lot :-)

Kae - Yes, you should ! :-) I don't own lots of Misas , but the ones I do have are great colors and very nice and easy to work with.

Velvet - Thank you dear ! This is really a beautiful color and I think you'd love it too :-)

Celine - Oh why is that ? Is it too dark for you ? And thank you for dropping by - it's nice to see you here :-)

Mary - OOhhhh thank you so much ! That was so nice of you to say :-) Today I got them a bit shorter and it turned out very nice, and also a bit more comfortable :-) And I agree with you about Misa, as I wrote to Kae, I don't have lots of Misas, but all Misa's polishes I have, has a great formula.

Angie - Thank you so much !!! How sweet of you ! I appreciate it very much !

Alexlyndra - Thank you !

Nail Fanatic - You're welcome darlying ! Love your blog :-)

Charming nails - Yes, it is a beautiful color and a very fun one to wear !

Lucy said...

I just love this shade. I don't have many Misa's but I do love their polishes. I do have this one. This polish looks lovely on you.

tuli said...

Lucy - Thank you ! I also love this color - it glitter are gorgeous :-)

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