Sep 23, 2009

My first post from the USA :-)


Today I'm starting a new mini-series, this time the stars are my new polishes from China Glaze.

I fell in love with this pack from first sight and I knew I have to get it. I'm talking about the China Glaze Breast Cancer pack. CG came out with this pack to support the Breast Cancer Awareness month and you can find the pink ribbon on all the bottles.

The first polish in my mini-series is Diva Bride – one of the most pretty and delicate I had. This is a sheer milky-pink, French-crème with a glossy finish.

Usually I'm not a big fan of bright delicate colors, I mean, I love wearing them from time to time, when I'm having a relaxed mood and I want to see my nails with a calm color, but these colors usually don't cause me the kind of excitement that the darker colors do.

Until this one came. After the first coat, I wasn't impressed at all – it didn't applied equally and I saw there's no way I'm using it for French mani, as I first thought. And than after the second coat – I fell in love……it turned out so delicate and sweet !!

I don't know how to explain this….I was thinking what to write here, that will explain my excitement about it and I couldn't find what to write….I just don't have an explanation….the only explanation that I've found is that it's too sweet ! And I really love its glossy finish !
So you can see the pictures and be the judge – you have there 2 coats and one coat of Poshe topcoat on it, which by the way, I'm very pleased of. It gives a nice glossy and it looks great, especially with the crème ones.

The formula here is runny, so you have to be careful when applying it, so it won't spread all over and after 2 coats, it not completely opaque, but I decided it looks the best that way 


KONADomania said...

Hey, you are having a great time then;) lovely polish, you bought it online or in a store? how much do these minis cost? thanks:*

AllYouDesire said...

I want to buy this set for my sister, it is just too sweet! Hope you are having a great time :)

rhaindropz said...

wow!!! i think im loving it too

Astasia said...

Wow from Usa! Beautiful! And so beautiful the polish too!
Have a good time!

Nixxy said...

That's absolutely adorable! Hope you're having fun - don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for hotties for me :)

Mary said...

That's very pretty, I love it. Hope you're having fun and finding lots of polish to buy :)

Mighty Lambchop said...

I hope you are having a wonderful trip! Your mani is super cute!

Lacquer Laine said...

I am so excited you're here!!! Have fun and I love the pink nails!

PS - I used the green/gold glitter you sent me as my birthday manicure! It's perfect!

Nicole said...

Oooh, you're right, it is gorgeous! I too don't usually go for colors like this, but I quite like it, looks adorable on you. Hope you are having a LOT of fun! :)

rijaH said...

Hope your having a great trip :) That is just the cutest color :D

Lucy said...

Tour nails look gorgeous. I just got my set yesterday. My order came in from Head2Toe. I had no idea what the colors looked like. I thought it was important to buy these because of the breast cancer tie-in. My Mom died because of breast cancer and also my Aunt, her sister. This is a beautiful color on you. I'm so glad that it's so pretty. I looked at the bottle and thought it didn't look so good. Hope your enjoying yourself!

Anonymous said...

This color looks gorgeous on you! Hope you're enjoying your trip to the USA!

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