Mar 14, 2010

Please don't vote for me


אני יודעת שלפני כמה ימים ביקשתי מכן להצביע לי בתחרות באתר של רשת בלוגריות הלקים, אבל מכיוון שהחלטתי לפרוש מהתחרות, רציתי לעדכן אתכן בפרישה כדי שלא תטרחו לשווא - אז בבקשה, אל תצביעו לי יותר.

לכל אלו מביניכן שכבר הצביעו - תודה רבה רבה על התמיכה, אני מקווה שאתן יודעות עד כה אני מעריכה את זה ושולחת לכולכן חיבוק ענק !

I know that a couple of days ago, I asked you to vote for me in the China Glaze & Seche Vite contest which takes place in the Polish Bloggers Network website, and I wanted to give you a quick update:

I'm quitting the contest.

So please, don't vote for me anymore. If you still want to participate, you're very welcome - there are many gorgeous designs made by my fellow bloggers and I'm sure your votes would be very welcome.

To those of you who already voted for me - I want to thank you on your support and for the effort you did to show me your love - I hope you know how much I appreciate that and I send you all a big hug !




rijaH said...

Sorry to hear that. I think you made a wonderful design for the contest :)

Brooke said...

Oh no! How come? Your design was certainly fairing much better than mine vote-wise! Sorry to here that though.

Niki* said...


Glittermillie said...

Oh no! You were doing great! Much better than me as well :)
I hope no-one's upset you or anything x

Arie said...


kelliegonzo said...

hope everything is alright! love ya.

thriszha said...

oh oh...why?
btw.. love ur new comment box those avatars are cool..where did u get them?

Tuli said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments and concern - I'm doing good and everything is fine. I decided to quit from my own reasons and I feel totally o.k. with that, I'm sure there will be plenty other contests :-)

Thriszha - Thank you sweetie, I got these icons in my new template (it was build in) but I'm sure they're available somewhere on the web :-)

contests and such said...

You got an award on my blog! Clickhere.

Tuli said...

Nessa - Thank you so much for the award, I appreciate it :d:

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