Oct 31, 2013

All the way from Germany - P2 polishes!


Today we're heading to Germany….

A while ago, I received some nail polishes from Germany and I haven't had the chance to show them to you yet. I got 3 P2 nail polishes and 3 Essence polishes and we'll start with the P2 nail polishes.

Let me start by saying that they are all very easy to apply, a bit runny, but still works great.

From L to R:

P2 996 Before Sunrise – Wow, this one captured my eye immediately. It's kind of a reddish bronze with a beautiful duochrome effect. It has a gold shimmer that makes it special and it looks gorgeous in sun light. I took some inside and outdoor pictures so you can see the different, but I have to admit that I couldn't catch its full beauty, so sorry for that.

P2 100 Open your heart – O.K, now this one is for you, my red addict friends J It's a crème red with a pinch of pink and I think it can easily enter to "the most successful red polishes" list. I, personally, am not a big fan of red polishes, but if I'm in the muse, this shade of red is definitely my favorite.

P2 990 Free to be – I'm not sure how to describe it, but I think that green with a silver shimmer would be a good start. The silver shimmer is much more shown in the bottle than it is on the nails, but it's still one of those shades I can't resist. 

L to R:

P2 996 Before Sunrise
P2 990 Free to be 
P2 100 Open your heart

I love the bottles of these ones and as I wrote, they are very easy to apply and also dry pretty fast.
I'm sorry I don't have full swatches to show you yet, it's because I'm still growing my nails to a decent length for swatching and also because I didn't have enough time this week.

Also, I was in the mood for some experiences with my lace stickers, and here are the results – What do you think? I was really pleased with the results of the green one and I'm not so sure about the others… 

Have a great weekend you all!!!

Oct 11, 2013

Nail art for the weekend!


I love weekends! Weekends allow me to spend precious time with my family and also time to catch some sleep here and there. Now that we have a little baby, weekends are not the same, and I guess many of you moms can understand me J 
But this weekend, I felt like I need some time alone with my colors – yes, not kid's crayons, but my polishes and nail art. I was in the mood for some stars and flowers, and I couldn't decide what mani to do, so I created some options on the nail wheel - Here they are…

I used Misa – Sorry just can't help it (purple), Icing Mood Swing – Passionate/Shy (turquoise) and Chic no. 25 (yellow)

So….what do you think? Do you like them? Do you have any favorite out the bunch?

I wish you all a great weekend! Have fun, hug your family and smile a lot J

Oct 7, 2013

Back to business!! (The full story)


Hi ladies,

Wooowww, it's been over a year….I just can't believe it! I'm sooo excited to write here again…a new post…wow!

Ok, ok, so FIRST – I won't keep you waiting and I think it's about time to tell you the reason WHY I haven't been around in the past year…well, in fact, why tell when I can SHOW you, right?

So…I'm very thrilled to present you the reason for my absence:

Yes, you got it right J

I was pregnant when I stopped posting, and the last months of the pregnancy were difficult for me and I had to be hospitalized a couple of times until…I gave birth of my first baby J

It's been a long and short year all together, I learned a lot about myself, my hubby and the world….we had, like all others, ups and downs, we laughed, we cried, we were tired, we were excited and we are still learning a new thing every day.
I chose to be focused on my new baby and there were a lot of times that I missed blogging so much, but was afraid that I have nothing interesting to show you beside diapers and toys…LOL

And now, I'm proud to tell you that I successfully crossed the first year and I feel much more balanced and ready to move on and post again, but now as a mom also, so I hope you're ready to some more stories beside beauty….:-)
It won't be a real celebration without a cake, right? So here's the cake I made for 1st Birthday: