Nov 25, 2009

International Day For Elimination of Violence Against Women


To all my beloved readers – today I'm asking you for help.

First of all I want to say, that I know I'm going to talk about a sensitive subject and I know how important is to pick the right words – I did that in Hebrew and I did my best in choosing the words here in English, but it's still my second language, so please forgive me if I used wrong words…..

The United Nations General Assembly designated 25 November as the International Day For Elimination of Violence Against Women in 1999 and this day designated to raise the public awareness to the violence against women's problem and to encourage women to come and ask for help.

I'm sure that each one of you is aware to violence against women's problem in the society and to its huge importance. There are among us women that have left everything behind, in order not to be victims anymore and not to let their children be victims to violence. Some of these women has moved, with their children, to women shelters and although I know just a little bit about the difficulties and the courage that required for this – I know these women are deserve to be admired !

All those women's shelters are doing a blessed job every day, offering these women a safe place to stay and basic needs for them, and their children, so they can open a new leaf in their lives.

As I wrote, the shelters are usually provides the basic needs, and even in order to provide those needs, there's a need in a constant donations raising, and as you can assume, many other needs and luxuries, are being pushed aside due to the situation.

I was thinking to myself what we, as nails polishes and other beauty products lovers, can do in order to contribute our part in this struggle and the first idea that came to my mind was to provide these women nails product and other beauty products, so they can still reserve their beauty routine.

I'll be honest with you and tell you, that I wasn't sure at first how much this kind of donation is needed and I considered this issue a couple of times with myself, but then I decided to offer the idea to one of the shelters and let them decided if they need a donation like this.

I wrote an e-mail to the shelter and was very happy to discover that they were excited from the idea and to hear that there is definitely a need for this kind of donation to the shelter. I talked to them on the phone and I also got a beautiful mail from them that really touched my heart, so I'll try to translate it for you:

"It warms the cockles of the heart to know that there are people in the society that think of the women in the shelter and that we're not alone in our struggle against violence against women in the family – especially on November 25th, which is the International Day For Elimination of Violence Against Women !

Women and their children are coming to stay in the shelter – they stay here for 6-8 months and in this time, they are dealing with their legal problems, going on a psychological treatment and taking crucial decisions about their and their children's future.

We, the shelter's stuff, try to help these women in any way we can, so they won't live under violence again.

Please - don’t think that these women are weak and miserable – these are women that went thru a lot of pain but had the courage to save themselves and their children. In the shelter, we help them to discover their strengths and abilities and believe me – there are many strengths and abilities !

The shelter provides women their basic needs and we try to raise funds from businesses, factories and individuals from here and overseas – that cares.

Naturally, most of the donations are given to the children (and as every parent knows, there are many needs) and the women's needs are not always fulfilled, certainly the "beauty care" that women love so much.

The women in the shelter are trying to rebuild their self image and their low self –confidence and beauty care is part of their "recovery" after arriving to the shelter, after absorbing violence of all kinds (physically, mentally, sexually, economically, threats etc.)

We would be very happy to get beauty product, make up and other treats for the women staying and will stay in the shelter.

Many thanks"

I'm also adding you a link to the shelter's website so you can be impressed by yourselves -

And now I address you - everyone of you who wants to join this donation's project, are welcome to donate everything she can – nail polishes, nail art and every other product that relates to nail care, make up, cosmetics and other beauty care that you can think of. I checked with them and you can also send used products, but they need to be valid, proper and in good condition.

Every donation, even the smallest one, can help – even if you have one polish that you don't use…….

Anyone who want to donate, please send me an e-mail and I'll give you the address for shipping. In the end of the project, I'll take pictures of all the products which were donated and hand the products personally to the shelter's stuff.

Please – if you have any beauty product that you can donate – don't hesitate ! You're also welcome to write me an e-mail in any question you have.

My e-mail address is:

In addition, I'm asking you my bloggers friends - please publish this project in

your blogs so other people could see it too – I would be very thankful !!!

I really hope that we can all arrange a decent donation that will contribute, even a little, to this important cause !


I wanted to translate this post to English because I think it's important. I know that you're all living overseas and I would really appreciate all of your donations.

But even if you don't want to send your donation overseas, please open your heart and donate in a place close to your home – I'm sure they need it too J


Lumin0us said...

I'm so deeply touched by this!
I will blog about this on my own blog, and add a link to this post!

Tuli said...

Luminous - Thank you SO much !!! This is so important to me and I apreciate your help very very much :-)

Anonymous said...

Tuli you are an amazingly giving person, and I am so touched by your thoughts of these women. I am so glad you translated this to English so we could read and take part. I am going to direct readers to come to your post. I will look around and see what I can come up with in terms of a donation and get back to you. Is there a time limit?

Tuli said...

Oh Judy, you're the best - Thank you very very much !!! I really appreciate it !
And no, I haven't set a time limit yet, just see how it's going - my guess is around 3 weeks....

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