Nov 14, 2009

OPI Pink Flamenco


Pink Flamenco הוא לק נוסף מהקולקציה הספרדית של OPI וגם הסווטץ' הזה, כמו קודמיו מהקולקציה, צולם מזמן ובתאורה לא הכי טובה :-(.

גם הסווטץ' הזה, צולם באדיבותה הרבה של דנה, שתרמה אצבעותיה למדע וגם כאן, לצערי, אני לא זוכרת לומר לכן כמה שכבות אתן רואות בתמונה, חוץ מזה שזה בטוח 2 או 3 J.

Pink Flamenco הוא סוג של ורוד – פוקסיה קרמי, במרקם מבריק. בכלל, כמו שאתן רואות, לכל הלקים בקולקציה יש גימור מבריק ויפה, שממש אהבתי, כי בזכותו הלק נראה עשיר יותר.

לא מצאתי טוויסט מיוחד בצבע הזה שגרם לי לאיזה ריגוש גדול, אבל אין ספק שהצבע הזה מקסים והוא אחד מגווני הפוקסיה המוצלחים לאחרונה !

OPI - Pink Flamenco

Pink Flamenco is another one from OPI De Espana collection and this swatch, like the other ones from this collection, was pictured a long time ago and in not so good lighting :-(.

This swatch was also done on Dana's nails and here also, I don't remember exactly how many coats you see in the pictures, beside the fact that it is 2-3 coats for sure J

This pink flamenco is kind of a bright crème fuchsia – pink. As you can see, I really loved the bright finish of the polishes from this collection, because this finish make the polish look much richer.

I haven't found a special twist in this polish, that made me a big thrill, but there are no doubts that this color is charming and one of the beautiful fuchsia shades lately.


thriszha said...

WOW!! i love pink & ur nails are pretty in pink!! have a great weekend sweety... xoxo happy polishing..

Skye said...

i love this soo pretty

Danica said...

Ahh, I knew there was something the whole collection has in common - the bright finish - they all kind of just have this deep beautiful color to them. I never got any of the colors, because they just didn't appeal to me as new and interesting colors, except for maybe "Suzi Skies in the Pyreneese".

chocaddict said...

It's a pretty color, very girlie :)

Tuli said...

thriszha - Thank you sweety ! And by the way, these are my brother's girlfriend nails, Dana :-)

Skye - Thanks !!

Danica - Yes, they're all bright ! And I agree, Suzi Skies is definitely a special color :-)

chocaddict - Thank you :-)

gildedangel said...

Beautiful color!

tuli said...

gildedangel - Thanks ! It really is a beautiful color, I just just felt sorry I haven't got better pictures of it.

Charming Nails: said...

So pretty pink color :)

Tuli said...

Charming Nails - Thank you darling :-)

Lucy said...

Looks very pretty on Dana. This shade looks just like it's namesake. Love the bright pink.

Tuli said...

Lucy - I agree with you that the name really fits that color :-)

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